Online Dance Classes

No time to take dance classes in person? Here are a collection of online classes that I have found that range from free (yay!) to yearly subscriptions.

Steezy Studio


  • Cost: $19.95 a month or $199 per year (2 months free). You can also try the 7 day trial for free.
  • Notes: They currently have around 100 classes from popular choreographers like Jawn Ha, Sorah Yang, Charles Nguyen, Scott Forsyth, and Franklin Yu. They add a new class a week, which is pretty good for its price. I am also an early adopter/have a yearly subscription ($149 a year). So far I have taken around 4 full classes (Franklin Yu’s Farewell, Paul Ross’ Y.A.S,  Clay’s Star Wars remix, and  Gina Hong’s Focused on You) and I really enjoy them. You are able to slow down the videos, jump back 10 seconds, and change from front to back views. Another advantage of having a subscription is that you can join the Steezy Studios Private Group and ask for critiques/meet a community of hungry dancers. Message me if you have any questions about it.

1Million Dance Tutorials


  • Cost: Free
  • Notes: They currently have 5 classes. I took Lia Kim’s class (La La Latch) and it was pretty good, because it’s FREE. I recommend slowing down the tutorial using Youtube’s speed change function if you cannot get a certain move down.

immaBeast Digital DVD


  • Cost: $24.99
  • Notes: 7 classes for $25, not bad. I personally haven’t taken the classes, but it looks promising especially since it’s immaBeast.

El Tiro




  • Cost: Free (Youtube)
  • Notes: Great tutorials about all sorts of breaking moves. Videos are very easy to follow!