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I started dancing about 5 years ago or so by learning how to cwalk. I learned through Youtube and posted videos like a typical cwalker. However, I wanted to expand my skills as a dancer. At Stony Brook University I auditioned for a certain team but I was harshly rejected. Of course I was disappointed, but that did not stop me. I ended up joining Team Anonymous after my friend Martin created the group. From there, I kept practicing and practicing. When I attended Harvard, I had to continue dancing so I joined Asian American Dance Troupe. They are a great group of dancers and they welcome all levels of dancers, which I truly admire.

I currently dance with a NYC based team known as AnoNYmous and I’m also an intern at House of Movement (Fridays). I will also be training with the Wannabes Training Team starting September 2017.

Previous teams include:

  • Team Anonymous (@Stony Brook University, 1.5 years)
  • TYS (@Stony Brook University, 1.5 years)
  • Asian American Dance Troupe (@Harvard University, 1 year)


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Contact Info:

Feel free to contact me by clicking the social media icons above if you have any ideas, suggestions, or if you just want to talk about dance 🙂


Email: heyitsnomis@gmail.com




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