Nomis’ First Impression: 10 Minute (or less) Groove Classes

Hi everyone, it’s been awhile since I last wrote/recorded something related to dance but let’s jump right in. Here’s the video version:

Steezy Studio is an online platform where you can learn from popular choreographers from the comfort of your own home via video. The class videos can be repeated, slowed down, sped up to your own pace. So now you don’t have to travel to California to learn from people like Charles Nguyen or Jawn Ha (but you should still do it at least once in your lifetime).

I had an account with Steezy Studio for about 1.5 years, back when class videos were sold per class ($14 bucks or so per class if I recall correctly). Now they have a simple subscription model ($19.95 per month or $199 per year).

Honestly, I’m terrible at using my Steezy account. I rarely use it because I’m always on the move (please come up with an iOS app for my iPhone hint hint) so I never have the opportunity to dance at home. However, recently they released a couple beta 10 minute (or less) groove classes so I loaded up my browser and jumped right into it.

During the last week, I took a groove class per day before I went to work. I woke up at 6:30 am, regretted my life choices, then proceeded to go on Steezy Studio to take the beta class.

The first class, taught by Clay Boonthanakit, was a good introduction to the classes. Clay broke down the grooves and paced the class pretty well (7 minutes altogether). The class went by really quickly and I enjoyed grooving with him but then I had to get ready for work and regret my life choices again.

For day 2 Kevin from Steezy Squad was very similar to Clay’s class. He taught some grooves (milly rock, dougie, etc) and broke it down to simple steps for us. The class itself is only about 7 minutes as well so it’s a decent warmup before you head out to your corporate job/annoying chemistry class at 8 am.

Day 3: Jessie teaches some groove combos. This class was a bit different because she basically created a combo based on some grooves while the other classes they taught groove by groove. Like the other classes, the pacing is very beginner friendly.

For day 4 Kevin taught some HIIT (high intensity interval training) grooves. Basically it’s the type of warmup you would do before taking a class. It’s only about 5 minutes, so it’s a quick way to start your day and grooooove.

Almost there! Day 5 consists of Jessie showing us how to stretch and groove within 8 minutes. The grooves and stretching is pretty standard and beginner friendly. A nice way to start your morning!

On the last day, Jessie teaches us and Clay/Kevin the groove from day 3. This time, she uses different songs with the same exact groove. This shows you that you can groove to any song using the same movements (but different textures). It was a nice way to conclude the beta and I definitely had fun with it.

Overall the beta classes are more geared towards beginners but it’s a good way for advanced dancers to just warm up in a fun way. The main reason I don’t go on Steezy Studio is because the classes are usually 40 minutes or longer and that can intimidate people. As a result, bite size classes are perfect for busy people like me! I’m still waiting for that mobile app though *cough cough*.

Besides the mobile app, I think these 10 minute or less grooves can also branch into foundation exercises. The current foundation classes for popping and house range from 30 minutes to an hour and 10 minutes, which is really intimidating for people short on time. I understand those classes are more for learning the details about popping/house movements, but maybe the next step is to have short drills we can practice along with, similar to these groove classes?

Definitely try Steezy Studio and their beta classes if you haven’t yet. It’s free for 7 days so it really doesn’t hurt you or your wallet. Until next time!






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