LA Dance Training: Day 7, Trying Improv Acting and Contemporary Dance

My first class of the day was a contemporary class; I’ve never taken contemporary in my life. There were a lot of spins, jumps, and floorwork. I was definitely a fish out of the water, but some girl said I did pretty well for my first class, I guess that’s something. I then took a choreo class with Ade Willis and it was much more swag and chill (video on my page). Finally I ended my night with a 3 hour improv acting class. This was definitely a life changing experience for me. Bill, the facilitator, was very welcoming and created a nice Beginner atmosphere for us. He did a bunch of acting exercises like neutral chair where one person would sit in a chair and another person would sit down right next to them and open up with a shocking statement. The person that was seated would have to respond to that statement in a way that made sense and then he/she would leave and open it up to someone else. We performed about 7 exercises with our group of 8 and I didn’t want it to end. Time to look for more improv classes in NY! #dance #la #vlog #losangeles


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