LA Dance Training: Day 10, Foundations.

LA Dance Training: Day 10, Foundations. Started the day with a basic pooping class, which felt harder than the advanced popping class I took the other day. This just shows how the class difficulty gap is way off. A good teacher (same guy taught twice) would be able to easily differentiate between a basic class and an advanced class, but instead it seemed harder. The next class I took was grooves with Tokumi and it was fun and free as usual. He didn’t teach too much choreo this time around, instead he focused on teaching us grooves and a short and fun choreo. I love how this guy moves and his music choice is always amazing. After class I went to a live stream called utalkradio (front row seats yay) and listened to people talk about inspirational work and mental health. Shaping my life one day at a time. #dance #la #vlog #losangeles #movementlifestyle


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